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Welcome to the Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory™ (LPLI)

You are embarking on a journey of self-discovery that will help you gain valuable insights into your leadership abilities and allow you to receive important feedback from colleagues so that you can improve and grow in your ministry.

The LPLI has been designed specifically for pastoral leaders and covers seventy-five criteria of effectiveness in ministry. It is a 360º instrument, which combines your self-appraisal with the feedback of observers who are familiar with your work. The result is a personalized report summarizing how you see your strengths or weaknesses and how your observers see them.  Click here to learn more about LPLI.

Thank you for participating!


The LPLI process is web-based. Make sure to keep a record of the user name contained in the email received from the Lewis Center as well as the password you created for yourself. These will allow you to reenter the site as necessary later in the process.

As you click forward through this website, you will be guided through a number of steps:

  • Consent. Before beginning the inventory, you will be asked to consent to having your LPLI responses added anonymously to a database used by the Lewis Center for research purposes and to assess the ongoing validity of the LPLI.
  • Demographic Information. You will be asked to complete a short series of questions about you and your ministry setting. The responses to these questions will not appear in your personalized leadership profile. They are for research verification purposes only.
  • Self-inventory. You will be asked to respond to a series of seventy-five statements related to you and your effectiveness in ministry. Allow up to 45 minutes to complete the self-inventory.
  • Observers. You will be asked to identify six to ten observers who are familiar with your work and to provide their email addresses. If some of your observers do not use email, an alternative method is provided.
  • Following up. You can log back into this site to ascertain whether an observer has completed the inventory and send reminders if necessary. At least five observers must complete inventories in order for the Lewis Center to process your report.
  • Thirty days. It is important that you and all your observers complete your inventories promptly.  If the self-inventory and at least five observer inventories are not received within thirty days, you will be notified. At the end of sixty days, if you and at least five observers have completed inventories, your profile will be considered complete.

Receiving Your Results

You will receive your personalized leadership assessment profile electronically from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership within four weeks of the completion of the above process. With the report, you will receive information on interpreting and using your results as well as suggestions on how to use your LPLI feedback in conversations with your supervisor or supervising committee.

A Note about Confidentiality

Your profile will not be released to anyone other than you, unless you specifically authorize the Lewis Center to release it. The records of this study will be kept private. In any published report, only composite results will be reported.

Your observers will be providing their input anonymously. The report you receive will indicate the average observer response to each question and a numerical range of responses, but you will not know how a particular observer answered questions.

Questions or Problems?

Please click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the LPLI. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, please contact us online or call us at 1-877-LPLI-360 (1-877-575-4360).

The LPLI is not intended for performance reviews.
It should be used for leadership understanding and growth.